Monday, 30 June 2008

Airy Fairy Thoughts

Just so you know blogettes, I have not gone anywhere but am just currently experiencing a delay in my writing thoughts/posts. No, it’s not writer’s block, it’s just that I have a few things I’ve needed to attend to in the last couple of months (like saving some mula on my Internet bill) and finding that perfect writing job, you know the one where I become a beauty editor and dictate what you next put into your beauty case?

In the mean time I will be posting you updates on my life and the things I am thinking about. Today I have been thinking alot about one of the women I look up to so much, Miss Zoe Foster. If you hadn’t heard this lovely young lady who is very quickly becoming one of the most famous beauty writers in the world, was beauty ed at Cosmo for a few years, then beauty director at Harper’s Bazaar and now Editor-In-Chief of, oh and ah did I mention she has her own book? Air Kisses, is about a girl who wings her way into becoming a beauty editor and gets dumped by her boyfriend via text message, she decides to get her own back and you can only imagine what happens next…? Well, you could keep imagining or you could go nab yourself your own copy from any good bookstore and at $32.95 you’d be stupid to be sitting there staring at the computer screen – go buy yourself a copy you silly girl!

I’m on my way to Borders right now. Toodles!

Peace Out,

Girl Next Door xoxo

P.S If you've just had lunch/dinner and you're craving something sweet, then head to Zoe's blog, for a dollop of fat free fruityness, it's the perfect way to relieve that choccie craving (minus the calories)!


frangipani princess said...

ooh! I so want to read that book! anyway, don't worry about the sporadic posting thing, i've been doing it a bit recently. oh well, home now :) keep up the posting!
gg xx